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Signed copy of Bad Way Out in exchange for information

bottle-coverI have some extra paperback copies of Bad Way Out sitting in my living room.  They aren’t doing me any good so I’m going to give them away.  If you want a signed copy, all I ask for in exchange is some information.  This book has a decidedly redneck vibe to it, so my idea is to reach out to country music radio stations, particularly ones with popular morning shows.  If you want a book, name the best country music radio station in your area.  If you’ve got a connection there, all the better.  I have four books to give away, so I’ll take the first four replies to this post.  Leave the name of the station/show in the comments below or on the Facebook fan page.

Don’t leave your email or physical address in the comments here or on Facebook.  I’ll give you an email address to send me that information later.  This offer is open to everyone I’m not related to.

UPDATE: August 1, 2013 – Three of the four signed copies have been claimed.  There’s one left for now.  I’ll do another giveaway at some other point, so if you miss this one, don’t fret.


2 responses to “Signed copy of Bad Way Out in exchange for information

  1. Ken ⋅

    KISS-FM in Miami

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