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A belated RIP to James Gandolfini


That’s the face I see.

I was busy curing cancer, moving mountains and doing one-armed pushups last week, so I was unable to lament the passing of the brilliant actor James Gandolfini.  He did an unparalleled job portraying mob boss Tony Soprano, the anti-hero you hated yourself for liking.  Gandolfini played the role perfectly.

He was so good that as a writer when I’m trying to create the quintessential bad guy, Tony Sorpano’s droopy-eyed glare pops up in my head.  Make no mistake about it; Tony Soprano was a bad guy.  Just because he was the lead doesn’t mean he was good.  That there is a debate whether or not Tony was bad or good is a testament to Gandolfini’s talent.

We writers are sometimes asked to come up with the dream cast for the movie versions of our books.  I truly don’t write with the thought that this will be a movie someday, so it’s hard to answer, but without question, before June 19, 2013, I would have picked James Gandolfini to play the role of Milo, the drug kingpin tough guy in Bad Way out. 

RIP, James Gandolfini.   Say hello to Big Pussy for me.

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