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My first British review

UK is OK with me!

UK is OK with me!

Well, it’s official.  I love the British.  Technically, I love one reviewer in the UK, but I’m giving the whole country the benefit of the doubt at the moment.  Why?  Why does any self-absorbed artist love someone? That someone compliments the artist’s work effusively. In this case, I’m the artist, and Bad Way Out is the art, and M.Dowden is the much beloved reviewer. And true to my tacky roots, I’m posting what M had to say.

Could this book start off a craze of what can only be called Appalachian crime noir? Meet E. R. Percy, mountain man and the brewer of the best moonshine you will ever sip. Life has always been hard for the mountain folk, but illegal stills and their product is nothing compared to the drugs trade. When E. R. first refuses to work in the drugs business he is at first threatened, but this escalates to a feud. Throw in a mysterious mountain of a man that suddenly appears in his brewing shed and you find there is a lot of comedy to what would otherwise be a bloody and dark tale.

Fun to read and hard to put down this is a great tale of hillbillies and their culture versus the modern drug lord. The characters come to life in all their glorious eccentricities, from a man mad seventeen year old girl to the corrupt reverend. Unfortunately this book will probably get overlooked, which is a shame, as it is such a great read and should appeal to a lot of people.

There are a few typos in this, but nothing that should really detract from or disrupt your reading experience. Certainly original, this is full of violence and humour, and certainly a thing that Quentin Taratino would love to get his hands on.

My first official sale of Bad Way Out came from the UK, so it’s kind of a good luck charm for me.  Thank you M. Dowden.  May you be forever bountiful with fish and chips (that’s all I know about the UK, sorry.)



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