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Views on Kindle book pricing

Is this a 99 cent book?

Is this a 99 cent book?

I’m wondering what the view is on pricing for Kindle books.  I’ve read many a success story of 99 cent books leading to copious amounts of sales and buzz, but I’m wondering if it could have a negative effect on sales in most cases.  Will readers take a 99 cent book seriously?  I know when I go to a physical bookstore, the last place I look is in the bargain bin because I assume those books are so cheap they must suck.  I’m currently offering Bad Way Out for 99 cents, but it feels too cheap.  It’s not about profit.  It’s about perception.  Am I wrong to feel that way?

BTW – I changed the cover yet again. I figured the IPPY award gave me an opportunity to class it up a little.  What do you think?


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