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My first one-star review


The sad writing clown

Bad Way Out got its first one-star review today on Amazon, and I’m still alive.  It just wasn’t this particular reader’s type of book, and given her review history (yes, I checked it out), I suspect she decided to read it based on my cover.  I get the idea she assumed it was erotica romance.  It ain’t that.  As a test, I’m reverting back to my original cover to see if it effects sales.  Speaking of sales, they are way, way, way down.  Between the Kindle lending program and sales, I received payment on just 15 units so far this month.  As you can see, playing around with the cover isn’t going to make a big difference in sales numbers.

To the reviewer who gave me the one-star review, read long and prosper.   


3 responses to “My first one-star review

  1. rmactsc

    Don’t worry about the bad review. I have 6 books published over at which all sell very well and I’ve noticed when I do get a bad review at times; book sales seem to spike upwards. It’s an interesting coincedence 🙂

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