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Why the NRA opposes any gun control

ImageThe NRA leadership has shown a complete disregard for common sense concerning the current gun debate.  And, they aren’t doing it for philosophical reasons, or even because they have a deep and abiding commitment to protect the 2nd Amendment.  They could give two shits about the 2nd Amendment.  They oppose gun legislation for one reason.  It brings in money. 

The NRA leadership isn’t serving the interests of their membership, not the entire membership.  They are running their organization to appease the ‘Alex Jones’ fringe element of their organization.  Why?  Because they are the evangelical gun owners that will donate their hard earned money to the NRA to keep the government from taking away their liberties. 

The NRA leadership doesn’t care that they look insane and unreasonable to most Americans because most Americans aren’t giving them enough money or any money at all.  The nutbag ‘Alex Jones’ pea brains are the ones that keep the leadership in luxury cars and expensive suits. 

To those poor lost souls who are buying this load of horseshit that the government and President Obama want your guns, you are being lied to, and it’s your own damn fault for believing it.  The NRA is doing everything they can to scare the hell out of you so you will pony up and keep them fat and happy.  Get smart!  Stop sending the NRA your money. 

Be pro-gun.  I’m a Southerner. I get it.  There are more guns than toothbrushes where I live.  I’m just asking you to bail on the NRA.  Boot those bastards to the curb.   

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