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Maybe Amazon should have a vulgar category


Carlin is my god of vulgarity.

I just had a friendly email chat with a person that notifies Kindle owners about “bargain” books.  I figured since Bad Way Out is a paltry $1.99 it qualified.  However, he declined to notify the folks on his list because the book’s subcategory is erotica.  That is his right, and I have no issue with him turning me down.

It did make me rethink my decision to include Bad Way Out in the erotica category.  I did it as a cautionary measure.  I don’t want those offended by sexual content to be fooled into buying a book that does contain sexual content.  That’s not fun for anyone. Those sales wouldn’t stick, and I’d probably get hammered with a bevy of “how dare you” type reviews. 

 I was tempted to title it Fifty Shades of Redneck to ride E.L. James’ coattails, but it is not typical erotica.  There is sex in the book, that is true.  And, I can be accused of using graphic language to describe body parts and sexual encounters.  But, it’s backwoods graphic.  The word pecker is sprinkled throughout, and my protagonist E.R. does not mince words when expressing how he feels about Eva’s body parts. 

All-in-all, I would say Bad Way Out is more vulgar than erotica, but Amazon doesn’t have a vulgar category.  Maybe they should because just about everything I write will probably fit into that category. 

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