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Final Bad Way Out downloads up 5007%

Downloads up

Downloads up, up, up!

Yesterday I was in the midst of two-day free giveaway of my book Bad Way Out. Compared to my previous two-day giveaway the increase in downloads had already jumped up 3000%. The final numbers are in, and my final increase topped out at just a fraction under 5007%. I went from 87 downloads to 4,443. That doesn’t include international downloads. They were up as well but just not as dramatically. My best ranking in the free Kindle store for the day was #73. This morning I’ve recorded a total of four sales. I didn’t expect an immediate impact from the giveaway. It just ended. People need time to read it and fall in love with it before I’m raking in the dough.

I saw an increase in blog traffic as the result of the giveaway, too. I take that as a positive sign. People are at least taking the time to see what kind of idiot I actually am. A majority of the traffic came from my Amazon author page. Some of it came from one of the ads I placed.

Speaking of ads, I promised I would let you know where I placed them, and give my opinion on their effectiveness.


  • Free eBook Downloads on Facebook – Yes, it is free. The administrator that runs the group is a wonderful person and provides an invaluable service to authors like me. I woke up the first day of the giveaway sitting at 47 downloads. Shortly thereafter it was posted on Free eBook Downloads and immediately jumped up to the 350 downloads. I can’t recommend this group enough.

For pay that worked

  • FreeBooksy – I purchased their Feature Plus ad for $100, and I was extremely impressed with their customer service. They asked for the most detail on the book, and they wanted to know odd stuff about me. I’m not sure why they wanted to know my favorite food, but if it helps me get the word out about my book, I’m game.
  • – I paid to be their daily featured book for two days. Total cost was $34. I received notice from a reader they did indeed see my ad on the top of the front page of their website. They have a lot of promotional opportunities, and they are all extremely inexpensive. Their prices are so low it doesn’t really hurt to try.

For pay that didn’t work

  • Reddit Self-Service Advertising – I paid $40 to run an ad for two days and 58 people clicked on the ad. They have some fairly strict rules on the ads, and it tied my hands to the point that my ad was ineffectual. I would not recommend them.

So in total I spent a meager $174, and I’m extremely happy with the campaign. I will be even happier if I get reviews and sales out of it. I will keep you posted on that front.

Thanks to everyone that downloaded the book. A bigger thanks to everyone who has written a review for it. I’m extremely grateful.

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