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Bad Way Out Downloads up nearly 3000%


Things are looking up!

I am pleased.  Bad Way Out has been available for free on Kindle since yesterday.  The free promotion will end at 11:59 PM Pacific time tonight. I also did two free days of Bad Way Out in the Kindle store at the end of last month.  The two brief promotional periods could not be more different as far as number of downloads.  Here are the numbers with approximately 13 hours left to go on the current promotional period.

  • March 30 & 31 – 87 Downloads
  • April 7 & 8 – 2640 Downloads

Fifty Shades of Grey has nothing to worry about, but you can see why I’m pleased.  The number of downloads this time around increased a little over 30 times compared to last time around.  Why?  I did some advertising on Kindle specific sites and Facebook groups.  I’ll give specifics after the current promotional period is over in case you’re an author or you know an author who might find the information valuable.

Will these free downloads generate any sales?  That is out of my hands.  I can make people aware of Bad Way Out, but I can’t make them like it.  I’m told that a massive number of people liking a book leads to much better sales. It is true I can pay for more advertising outside of the promotional period, but that will only get an unknown author so far unless I have an enormous advertising budget.  I do not.  Word of mouth is the only way I can hope to increase my sales numbers and pay the Wi-Fi bill.

I am encouraged and humbled by the positive reviews that the giveaway strategy has generated.  As of this writing, there are seven reviews, and I am much too modest to tell you how great they all think the book is.  To those who have commented about looking for another book by me, I am working on a few.  I’ll be talking about those over the next weeks and months. 

In the meantime, tell your friends, followers, and family about Bad Way Out.  It’s free until 11:59 Pacific time tonight (2:59 AM Eastern time tomorrow).  After that, it will be available for $1.99 on Kindle.  That price may go up in the future, but since no one knows who I am, I’m keeping the price low for now.  I should also mention that the paperback is available on Amazon for $8.99.  If I feel there’s a demand, I’ll even do some signed copy giveaways, but I’m not near there yet. 

Thanks for all your support and keep reading!

2 responses to “Bad Way Out Downloads up nearly 3000%

  1. Your book has been featured for the past couple of days on at the top of each of the pages I get in my emails. So I guess everyone who’s on their mailing lists are getting it as well. There’s your 3000% bump. Good place to be promoted.

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