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I made Bad Way Out free on Kindle and here’s what happened

The results are inFor those of you who don’t know, Kindle Direct Publishing allows authors to make their books available for free for five days every 90 days if you are a part of their Kindle Select program.  While giving books away for free doesn’t sound like a great deal for authors, it actually can be a terrific promotional strategy.  Some authors have used the giveaway program as part of their overall marketing plan and have managed to sell thousands of books as a result.

Before I share my results with you let me make one thing very clear, no one has any idea who I am.  In the world of publishing, I’m as well-known as a flea living on a cat’s ass.  You will not see me on Good Morning America or the Today show chatting it up with George or Matt about my latest release.  I have friends and family, but they don’t even know I wrote this book.  Why? To protect them from all the sex, violence, and drugs in Bad Way Out.  The folks I know aren’t exactly internet savvy, so as long as I keep things online they won’t have reason to shun and shame me.

I’m currently in my second 90 day cycle.  I published Bad Way Out at the end of December.  That’s important to keep in my mind because that means I’ve made the book available for free a total of seven days, and I still have three days left to make it available for free in the current 90 day cycle. I had zero sales before I made the book available for free, and no reviews.  Other than Facebook, I did zero promotions for the book.  It’s not the best way to sell a book, but I’m learning as I go.

During those seven free days, Bad Way Out was downloaded 451 times.  I managed to sell a total of 18 books along the way, and I’ve collected five reviews in the process.  BTW – These are US numbers only.  The foreign numbers are more than I expected, but not enough to brag about.

Am I pleased?  I’m as pleased as an impoverished writer can be.  My book is one book out of millions to choose from.  It would be a bit unrealistic of me to expect to sell enough to retire on right out of the gate.  Of the numbers listed above, I am absolutely thrilled with the five reviews.  I’m hoping those five people will tell a couple of friends who will pony up the $1.99 to read it on their Kindles or if they prefer paperback, it’s available for a meager $8.99 on Amazon.  If enough people tell enough people, I’ll tell George and Matt you said ‘hey.’

Many thanks to everyone who downloaded, read, and reviewed the book.  Now tell everyone you know to do the same!

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