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Is it okay to get excited about good reviews?

This is probably terribly unprofessional, but I can’t help but express my giddiness over a good review on Amazon.  I’m sure Hemingway and Steinbeck would think it terribly gauche to draw attention to one’s own reviews, but I just can’t help myself.  I made  Bad Way Out available for free last weekend and it was a strategy that seems to have paid off.  I received two reviews today (4 star and 5 star).  In an industry where success is measured in the tens of thousands, it may be silly to get excited about two reviews, but it is what it is.  I’m excited damn it.  Here’s the 5 star review:

This has to be hands down, the best e-book ( out of thousands) that I have down loaded. I read it all in one setting and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was well written with a kind of sarcastic twisted sense of humor that I get, not laugh out loud but groan, did he actually say that type humor. It is written in a deep hill country twang but not so much that it is a caricature of “hillbilly” but more of a “good old boy” style. Yes there is rough justice, swearing and references to sex or sexual body parts in graphic terms but nothing you would not see on TV granted it would be after 9 PM or on cable. I will definitely look for more of this author’s writing.

This may mean so much to me because I was told by an industry veteran that this book would be a tough sell because there’s no clear genre.  This was after he read it and claimed to have enjoyed it.  I have no reason to doubt him because he’s told me when something I’ve written hasn’t worked in the past.

So a major thanks to the reviewers.  May you succeed in everything you do, including, but not limited to spreading the word about Bad Way Out!

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