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When is erotica not erotica?

urlOkay, I’m relatively new to the erotica game.  If you asked me last year what I write, I would have told you trashy southern thrillers, but I’ve had more than a few readers tell me that I actually write erotica, albeit unconventional erotica.  My stories contain crass and unsavory behavior, inappropriate and foul language, bad and offensive grammar, subtle and bawdy humor, and yes, dirty, dirty sex.

What I don’t write is romantic erotica.  I have nothing against that type of erotica.  I just don’t have the talent to pull it off.  I usually approach sex with an in-your-face style that slaps you around like a stripper motorboating a sucker with a handful of singles.

So, my question to the five or so people who’ve visited this blog so far is what is erotica?   I don’t want to avoid the label if it applies, but I don’t want to mislead fans of erotica that may have no interest in the type of sexually charged stories I write.  On the other hand, I want readers offended by stories with graphic sexual content to have some inkling that my stories do contain heavy doses of graphic sexual content, although the sex is not the primary component of my books.  It’s simply a tool to help develop and define character.

What is a trashy southern novelist to do?

2 responses to “When is erotica not erotica?

  1. As Woody Allen (probably the most non-southerner you’d ever find) said: “If sex isn’t dirty, you’re doing it wrong.”

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